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JOKAISEN MUOTO jokaisenmuoto ヨカイセンムオト linen tote 麻 リネン 白 white 革 キップ トラベルバッグ ママバッグ パパバッグ 旅行バッグ 旅行 プレミアム

linen tote WHITE

SKU: linentoteWH

Genuine leather white [WHITE leather] selected as an accessory
Domestic cowhide. A white tanned kip finished to the core with the original cow skin color (color close to ivory).
Characterized by fine texture and fine texture from the second half of life to less than 2 years.
The appeal of Kip leather is that it is strong and supple and is familiar to use.

The 6th twill linen selected for the main body fabric has a three-dimensional and voluminous feel, and the high-class firmness and luster are the overwhelmingly superior textures that only this linen brings out.
Linen is a type of hemp, also called liniere, and is a thread or fabric made from flax fiber.
It is said to soften and breathe with each use.
Since linen fibers contain pectin, they have excellent water absorption and water repellency, low elongation (high tensile strength), and when they contain water, they further increase strength and thus have excellent durability.
In addition, since it is quick-drying, it is a natural material that is difficult for bacteria to reproduce and is environmentally friendly.
The color of the linen is only scouring, and it is not dyed.

Branded JOKAISEN MUOTO branded leather handle.
An interesting design unique to bags that uses leather on the bottom.
The inner pocket is a pocket that can be inserted with the portable charger + mobile phone inserted,
It has a passport and pockets for mother and child pocketbook sizes S to M nationwide.
Recommended for travel, daddy & mom bags.
When you don't want to show your luggage, you can use the hanging pocket instead of Kabuse, and it's a convenient pocket that you can take out what you need immediately with one hand.
You can put your name on the name of the pocket.

  • Product information

    size (about): W50 (bottom 41) x H35 x D17cm

    handle (approx.): Rise 21 cm

    pocket: 2

    weight (about): WH610g BE740g BK710g


    Body fabric: No. 6 twill linen (100% hemp)

    Included: Cowhide (3 types available)

    Inner winding: Linen tape (100% hemp)

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Color: white
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